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विवेकशील पदयात्री टोली चितवनमा

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‘विवेकशील नेपाली’ को ‘युवा अघि सर्छ, देश अघि बढ्छ’

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पदयात्राको दोस्रो दिन झापा को बिर्तामोडमा

आज ‘युवा अघि सर्छ, देश अघि बढ्छ’ पदयात्राको दोस्रो दिन झापा को बिर्तामोडमा हाम्रा विवेकशील साथीहरु उज्वल, ज्ञानु, दधिराम र सुरज संग त्यहाको स्थानीय टेलिभिजन स्पेस्लिंक ले गरेको कुराकानी ।

(April 28 2013)

युवा अघि सर्छ, देश अघि बढ्छ ।

(विवेकशील पदयात्रा)
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One thought on “न्युजमा In the News

  1. Hem Pun

    I like the awareness in you all and the courage to challenge our seniors. It’s a very difficult task ahead but the good news is, it can be achieved.
    Here’s my feedback in connection with your interviews; We all know that we have incompetent and in addition, I call them accidental leaders. Every political parties and leaders in Nepal are self-interest therefore we only have one solution to clean this act, a creation of an Independent and liberal political party who believes in changes and with the correct approach Bibeksheel can lead. Knowledge of compromise is essential in politics and long term vision.
    General public are frustrated with current politics environment and this also gives you guys a greater opportunity to grasp the much needed support.
    To start with, Patience is crucial because I have found that Nepalese youths aren’t completely ready yet or in complete dilemma. It’s the youths that drive the political force, so it’s time not to be dictated. Due to Lack of opportunities and political instability, the youths have been the puppets of our dirty politicians who are taking advantage to use them and also, the youths engaging to play a part in dirty politics for the sake of self-survival. It can’t be bad, can it? It’s nice to be inspired by handful of good leaders but note the fact that these leaders weren’t able to deliver the promises to the people so there’s been a fault somewhere down in the line. Our vision is so short that we don’t even see that our very own children’s future is in darkness.
    Instead of dirty politics, I would say bad politics. There’s a distinct. Dirt can be cleaned but bad can’t, it has to be fixed or replaced. What I want to stress here is that our leaders are bad and the task is to eliminate the incapable so-called leaders. Only younger generation like yourselves can do this.
    Our so-called experienced leaders claimed their experience only through their selfish commitments to their parties and this doesn’t make these people a competent leaders.
    Surely, we need a right person in the right place. We can’t allow a person to lead just because of his/her educational qualification or wealth. A person in one expert field can’t be an expert in the other but our society is such that we lead to believe a person can do a better job if we see a person who has done/achieved something (that’s a mistake). We need to pick leaders with merits and not by acquaintances. Opportunities must be made available.
    Definitely “BANDHAS”, aren’t a solution but a bigger problem that drags the whole nation to deeper problems. This is exactly what our senior leaders want in order to grip the power. Let’s not be fooled anymore. I classify the Youths involved in “BANDHAS” are just hooligans and ready to sell themselves. This proves the corruption is already set in their mind to begin and a there’s no hope for the Nation from such generation.
    To conclude, I believe you all that you want our destination to be changed for better.